Leaked Image Suggests Windows 9 Might Launch Just As “Windows”

More confusion on the horizon? Or is this a move to end all misunderstandings? Recent hints have suggested that the next version of Windows might not be called Windows 9.

Instead Microsoft is pondering a much simpler naming scheme for the upcoming operating system.

A naming scheme that might see Windows 9 launch simply as “Windows”, no fuss, no mess. This is said to be Microsoft’s solution to fight the confusion created by the various versions of its operating system.

And some newly leaked screenshots that hit the web today lend credence to this rumor.

As you can see in the image above, this preview build of Windows 9 comes with a new watermark that calls this version as “Windows Technical Preview”, not “Windows 9 Technical Preview” as many would have imagined.

Now either this is a sign that Microsoft is indeed dropping the numbering system from the name.

Or that these images are fake.

We’ve got to remember that it is not yet clear whether these leaked screenshots are legitimate or not. Chances are that they are real, but unless we hear from some more sources, let’s file this as a rumor. Whatever the case, everything should be clear by the end of this month.

What would you rather have Microsoft call it, though? Windows or Windows 9?

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  • huizhe

    I don’t like what I see. I see a Windows phone screen. I’m not ready to buy a Windows phone yet.

    • WillyThePooh

      Windows phone has a desktop?

  • Yannick

    So, somebody didn’t pay attention back in september 2011. You know, with the “Windows Developer Preview”, it wasn’t branded 8 either…