9 Merchandise

shirt-FINALIt’s time to celebrate a new Operating System!

You what I’m sick of?

Apple fans – they’re like a cult! With their iEverything, bumper stickers, t-shirts, and infuriating hipster snootiness.

So, we decided it was time to attack the Mac and celebrate Windows a little bit (after all, it IS the most popular OS on the planet – sorry not sorry fruit fans).

We hooked up with 9Merchandise who decided to create some options for us Windows warriors.


Well, because Windows is awesome and we’re all about showing it.

With Windows 9 coming out soon, and bringing a bunch of exciting changes from the previous version (which shall not be named), 9Merchandise has come up with a ton of new Windows 9 inspired shirt designs with plenty of self-deprecating humor that only Windows fans will understand and appreciate.

Each t-shirt is delicately crafted with high-quality materials by the world-famous American Apparel company.

We’ll be introducing new collections every week!

However – these designs are ONLY going to be up for a LIMITED TIME.

Once Windows 9 is officially out of the box on onto your screen, these awesome shirts and accessories are going down in Internet history.

Oh, and if you’re not a t-shirt kind of guy or gal, then we’ve got plenty of more options including…

  • Cool Windows 9 Coffee Mugs
  • Poppin’ Windows 9 Posters
  • Lovely Windows 9 Laptop Skins
  • Windows 9 Monday Mouse Pads

So – go ahead. Let the world know you’re a Windows user whose not afraid to show it with these geeky cool designs perfect for both the home AND office.

Click below to check out the store – remember, new designs are added each week until Windows 9 officially launches so keep checking back.